Thursday, October 4, 2007

Release Dates!

I absolutely, positively LOVE this cover! My thanks go out to my brilliant cover artist Tuesday Dube! This book was a long time coming, in fact it took me over three years to write it. Those three years were the ones where I was really doubting myself, wondering if I had any talent or if I was just kidding myself. I thought it was by far the best thing I'd ever written, but was afraid to finish it, afraid to go through the rejection process all over again, because I thought that if THIS book wasn't good enough, then nothing I ever wrote was going to be. Anyway, it will be available on Nov.30 2007!!!! Hope you enjoy it!

I also have a release date for my Christmas book, SNOW ANGEL. It will be available on Dec. 18, 2007.

And last but not least, THE WAGER will be available in print on Dec. 7, 2007.