Monday, September 24, 2007

Sexy Man of The Week


I am a HUGE Jude Law fan, but my absolute favorite of his movies is Cold Mountain. I could watch it every day. LOL

The Holiday is also fantastic, so if you haven't checked either of those out, you should!

I just got back from a weekend in Keystone with my writing group and got a ton of writing and brainstorming done, along with some much needed rest and relaxation. There's something really renewing about spending several days with good friends who absolutely GET you! It's nice to be able to ask someone what is the best way to kill someone and have them know you're not crazy!!

Meanwhile, I'm still hard at work on my Contemporary Vampire Novella for Cobblestone. This has been quite a departure for me, both because of the contemporary setting and the steamier-than-I-usually-write sex scenes, but it's been alot easier than I expected. In fact, I'm way ahead of schedule!

I turned in all the edits for my newest book THE BLACK ORCHID, so I should be getting a release date soon. I expect some time either in November or January. Still waiting on the cover art, also, but I'll be sure to post it when I get it. I'm expecting something amazing, because my artist is phenomenal. Her name is Tuesday Dube and I believe this is the first cover she's done for Cobblestone, but I checked out her website and was thrilled by her talent. You can read a free excerpt at

Well, I've been a little lax in my blog posting lately, but I will try to do better. Rest assured that it is because I am working so hard on my writing. :) Have a great week,