Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mind Blowing Passion

A writer friend of mine was asking if mind blowing, change your life passion was real, or if it was something we just wrote about because we want to believe it is. The answer seemed clear to me at first, because I have experienced that kind of passion with my sexy husband of 21 years. But then I started thinking and began to wonder if it was indeed possible to experience that kind of passion with someone you've just met. When my husband and I first met, there were definitely sparks and kissing him made my toes curl, but the deep, wonderful passion didn't really happen until we'd been together for years and I'd learned to trust him enough to truly let myself go. There's danger and excitement when you're having sex with someone for the first time, but I don't think many of us really experience mindblowing orgasmic sex at first, because you're too busy worrying how your ass looks. LOL Am I wrong about this?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Cover!

Just got my preliminary sketch for my Christmas release from Cobblestone Press, SNOW ANGEL Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm loving it. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Back from California

Well, I'm back from California, and not at all happy about it. Sigh. This was the first time in ages I managed to just relax and enjoy myself for five entire days without letting the stress of real life intrude upon my fun. :) I actually swam in the ocean and laid out on the beach without worrying what I looked like in a bathing suit. (Thanks in part to my son, Bryan, who threw me fully clothed into the water, because I originally WAS worried about that) I went five whole days without obsessively checking my email. I didn't even THINK about all the edits I have to finish, or the new book that was going so well and has now hit a brick wall. I ignored all the family and financial stresses that have been dragging me down lately and just lived in the moment. It was fantastic, and got me thinking about all I miss out on because I am constantly worrying about everything that is happening, everything that MIGHT happen, everything I've forgotten to do, or just simply don't have time for. Much as I love my kids, my husband, my new writing career, my full time job as a police dispatcher and part time one as an editor, I'm so far over my head I'm never going to dig myself out. There are always ten things I have to juggle or triage and sometimes I wonder if it's worth it. But what do I sacrifice? Where do I make those cuts so that I occasionally get the chance to have some fun and lay on the beach? Sometimes I really want to quit my job and just concentrate on the writing, but I did that once and found that I don't have enough self-discipline. LOL I seem to be the most creative when I'm under pressure, and I find that the constant drama and interaction with the public helps fuel my muse. So I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm doing until my head explodes!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Road Trip :)

I love road trips! When I was a child, it seemed we went somewhere almost every weekend. My mom and sister would sleep most of the way, but I was always bright eyed and bushy tailed, watching the world go by, keeping my dad company. Since I married and had children of my own, it seems I rarely get a chance to just take off the country and see what I can see. But in about fifteen minutes, I'm getting into my oldest son's cool little sports car and driving it halfway across the country to California, where he's in tech school for the Air Force. He has been missing his car like crazy, and I jumped at the chance to take it to him. I think there are few things better than cruising to places you've never been before with the windows down and the radio blasting. My husband would definitely disagree. LOL He likes to fly, and if he must drive he needs to have every second of the trip planned out. It makes him crazy when I want to detour off the highway and check out a point of interest or take some back road. Of course, since I just worked a twelve hour graveyard shift, I'm going to be EXHAUSTED by the time I get there, but I'm looking forward to it anyway. :) See you when I get back.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sexy Man of the Week

Ok, I haven't posted a sexy man in awhile, but I think this one more than makes up for it! Holy cow!!!! I think I just got inspired! LOL

You can read free excerpts of my books at

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I have a cover for THE WAGER!!

I just got my cover for THE WAGER! They are trying to make all three of the covers for my LORDS OF SCANDAL trilogy similar in design and I love my soldier! LOL Thanks to Tamra from TWRP. :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Writer Friends

I love my writer friends! During the last week or two I've reconnected with a few I'd drifted away from and am so glad to have them back in my life. :) In the decade I've been in this crazy business, I've made friends with people from all over the country, both at conferences and online. (My husband calls my internet friends my "imaginery friends" LOL) It's wonderful to have that instant connection with a stranger, and know that they actually GET you. They understand why you'd rather write than sleep. They don't find the fact that you have people who live in your head odd. They cry with you over your (many) disappointments and help you celebrate your (few) triumphs. So thank you Renee, Tina and Sarah! So good to hear from you again!

Friday, May 4, 2007

THE AMERICAN HEIRESS is available today!

Wahoo! Today is my first release date with The Wild Rose Press! I'm very excited to be working with them and I'm thrilled with their plans for my Victorian trilogy THE LORDS OF SCANDAL. :) I've been working on edits for the second book THE WAGER all week, but finally sent them off to my editor last night. The editing process is so humbling. LOL But I always visualize editing sort of like working with a lump of clay and molding it into something beautiful. (Hopefully) Anyway, you can check out my new book at Hope you enjoy it!