Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lines of Demarcation...

Tonight a friend of mine did something incredibly stupid. :( In one moment he ruined his career, and possibly his entire life. Just yesterday, I had breakfast with this person, and looking back on the innocense of that moment, in contrast to what was to come, got me thinking about those moments of demarcation in our lives. Those seconds you can't take back, that change your life forever. The lines that divides your life into BEFORE and AFTER. Sometimes they are not of our own making - like the moment you hear that a loved one has died - and sometimes they herald a good turning point, such as the moment you find out that you are going to have a child or finally sell your first book. In any event, it made me a little depressed, remembering those old lines and wondering when another one will be crossed in my own life. So, until next time, make good choices. :)

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Anonymous said...

wow, reading this I thought to myself how well you put what I think alot of us are feeling about what happened into words..perfect example of why your the writer and we the readers!!
Its sad how 1 bad choice can turn our whole lives upside down.
But, with friends like you it makes those hard times easier to get through. And although we all make mistakes, friends and family are what keep our heads above water. Thanks for always being there when I needed you. Love you Tracy!!! (and not in that wierd fireman way HAHA) Love Deb