Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Sale!

I just sold another book to The Wild Rose Press! THE WAGER is my favorite of all the books I've written and is the first book of my Victorian Trilogy that includes THE AMERICAN HEIRESS and THE BLACK ORCHID. Watch my website for cover art and an excerpt. Here is a short blurb...

Captain Dylan Blake has spent the last decade fighting for his country. Desperate for a little peace, he sells his commission and returns to England, hoping to manage one of his father’s country estates. But Dylan’s father, the Earl of Sherbourne, has never had anything but contempt for his younger son and refuses him this simple dream.

As a result, Dylan finds himself angry and adrift in London society, searching for something to fill his empty days. When an old nemesis, Jonathan Taylor, challenges Dylan to a wager, Dylan is willing to play along. The terms of the bet are simple. Dylan must get Lady Natalia Sinclair, the Duke of Clayton’s daughter, to dance with him twice in one evening.

Lady Natalia Sinclair has an enormous dowry and men have thronged to her side ever since her debut. Afraid that her dowry is the only thing that draws them, she’s learned how to protect herself. But Captain Dylan Blake seems different. For years she's followed his heroic military career and he's become the focus of her midnight yearnings. Unfortunately, she soon realizes his smile is false, his interest superficial.

Dylan sees Natalia’s rejection as a challenge and is more determined than ever to win the wager. The stakes increase when he discovers his father has ordered his older brother, Michael, to win Natalia’s hand. Passed over for Michael far too many times, Dylan needs to prove he can be first in someone’s heart.

As the lines between the wager and attraction blur, can Dylan and Natalia find the courage to take the biggest gamble of all - love?

Saturday, April 21, 2007


I finally have the release dates for THE AMERICAN HEIRESS. It will be available from The Wild Rose Press as an ebook on 05/04/2007 and will be available in print on 06/29/2007!!! Wahoo! I can't wait to finally hold a copy of something I've written in my hands. :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lines of Demarcation...

Tonight a friend of mine did something incredibly stupid. :( In one moment he ruined his career, and possibly his entire life. Just yesterday, I had breakfast with this person, and looking back on the innocense of that moment, in contrast to what was to come, got me thinking about those moments of demarcation in our lives. Those seconds you can't take back, that change your life forever. The lines that divides your life into BEFORE and AFTER. Sometimes they are not of our own making - like the moment you hear that a loved one has died - and sometimes they herald a good turning point, such as the moment you find out that you are going to have a child or finally sell your first book. In any event, it made me a little depressed, remembering those old lines and wondering when another one will be crossed in my own life. So, until next time, make good choices. :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sexy Man of the Week!

Cool Graphics and More

OK, the cops I work with have a joke, "What's the hardest part about being a fireman?" "Telling your parents you're gay!" LOL But I think this guy is HOT!!

You can read free excerpts of my books at

Monday, April 16, 2007

I've been nominated for an award!

It pays to google yourself! LOL I just found out that my book THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE was just nominated for the BEST FIRST BOOK OF 2006 award from Ecataromance!!! Wahoo! I've had really good response for this book so far! So glad SOMEBODY likes it. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My favorite book of all time!

I've been a writer as long as I can remember, but even before that, I was a reader. I read everything I can get my hands on, no matter what genre. I read cereal boxes and signs on the side of the road, magazines and junk mail. I can't even imagine how many books I've read in my life, but out of all of them, I have a definite favorite. My favorite book of all time is Laura Kinsale's SEIZE THE FIRE. I've probably read it 20 times and practically know it by heart. Why this book, of all the books I've ever read? I'm really not sure. For me, it just hits all the right notes. The perfect bad boy hero, who really does have a heart of gold, paired with a naive heroine who has a lot of growing up to do and gets her dreams shattered before she realizes what love truly is. Ahh, perfect. LOL Does anyone else have a book like this, one you just can't get enough of?

Monday, April 9, 2007

Letting go is hard to do...

My oldest son just graduated from Air Force boot camp and I just got back from San Antonio, where we got to spend some time with him and go to the ceremony. We all had a fabulous time and it was so great to see him after so many weeks of not even being able to talk to him on the phone. He graduated from high school almost two years ago, and that was hard, but when I saw him this weekend it really hit me that he is not a kid anymore. He is all grown up! It terrifies me, and yet I'm so proud of him I can't stand it! Here is he, all handsome in his uniform. Does he count as the sexy man of the week?

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sexy Man of The Week

I absolutely LOVE Josh Holloway! Love him, love him, love him!!! I am a LOST fanatic and I think it's mostly because of him. If I had to choose between nice guy Jack and bad guy Sawyer, it would be Sawyer in a heartbeat! LOL